3 Problems Veterinary Clinics Face With Microchip Databases And How MyPet Helps

I speak to veterinary clinics nearly every day. I talk regularly about the difficulties they have with their microchips and microchip databases of choice.

Below I’ve listed the 3 most common issues we talk about:

1. Pet owner registration fees

Pet owners regularly run into the issue of being charged to register or update their pet’s microchip even after they’ve told it will be free by their vet. Not only is this an added charge they weren’t expecting of between £10 and £30 but it also can give them a bad impression of their vet.

This is actually one of the reasons we at MyPet became a Defra compliant microchip database. I got charged nearly £40.00 just to change my dogs address and got nothing else for it. Not even an email. You can see a full list of what microchip databases charge pet owners HERE.

Check out the review below about one of the largest microchip databases in the UK

How can we help?

We include lifetime registration for the pet owner with every microchip. We also have a breeder account type which allows them to transfer this lifetime registration to the new pet owners. This means the pet owner can update their details anytime and as many times as they need to for the life of their pet. 

2. Technology issues with microchip databases

Another issue we’ve heard a lot about recently is technology issues with microchip databases. In the last 6 months alone 2 of the larger microchip databases have had major technical difficulties after upgrades.

We’ve had an unbelievable number of questions from pet owners about this.

The fact is this should not happen with proper and professional deployment of technology. Yes glitches and issues happen, but not issues lasting weeks at a time with pet owners & veterinary clinics unable to get answers. For more on this check out the article HERE from the BBC.

How can we help?

We are a technology company. We build all our technology in house. We place a heavy focus on the security, integrity & reliability of our database.

We thoroughly test and push every release of our platform to ensure it works as it should. This means our customers should only have a great experience when using the MyPet platform. If you’re interested in how we build our technology we’d be more than happy to tell you about it. Just get in touch! 😊

3. User experience for veterinary clinics and pet owners

We hear regularly from both veterinary clinics and pet owners about the hassles of navigating their microchip databases website. We hear that it’s difficult to register a pet owners microchip when first implanted, that it’s difficult for a pet owner to log on and check their details are correct. This is well covered in reviews you can find online:

How can we help?

We’ve worked hard to ensure veterinary clinics and pet owners have a great experience when using our software. We have made it as easy as possible to register and manage pet microchips. Check out the videos below showing you how easy and quick it is.

Pet owner registration

Registering for your clients

If you’re interested in using MyPet microchips you can find out more HERE. If you’d like to chat to us please feel free to email me – conor@mypethq.io or fill in the form below:

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