Animal cruelty rising quickly

The RSPCA recently warned Animal cruelty cases are increasing on a massive scale. 

They want to highlight the recent and rapid rise in incidents of animal cruelty, particularly against cats. The RSPCA released images of a cat that had to undergo multiple surgeries after having boiling water poured on its head. (Photo at the bottom.) This cat named Benny had extensive scald wounds across his entire body. He survived after undergoing 6 operations.

The 2022 figures show an increase of around 25% of intentional harm incidents against cats. That means there are 5 cats a day being intentionally harmed in the UK. 

There wasn’t just an increase in violence against cats, it increased dramitcally in general. Some of the other figures released show:

It’s of course hard to tell why there is an increase. I personally believe it’s a combination of the following:

None of these things excuse animal cruelty. If you hurt an animal for fun, because you are stressed, or because ‘You’re the boss’ you are a criminal and deserve to be in prison.

The other issue this creates is more animals in the care of charities like the RSPCA, Dog’s Trust and local Animal charities. We’re lucky to count many animal rescues among our customer base and we know they are bursting with unwanted pets and their care is getting more and more expensive. 

We encourage anyone who can help to donate to an animal charity of their choice.

To read more about the RSPCA report click HERE and to find out more about their campaign to Cancel Out Cruelty click HERE.

To report cruelty or neglect click HERE.

Benny before his operations

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