Announcing MyPet Premium

We’re very excited to announce MyPet Premium. Each and every day we get requests for added features from Pet owners. We’re now happy to release the first verison of MyPet Premium with an aim to meeting the expectations of our customers. 

First up - What's NOT changing

We think it’s important to first state what’s NOT changing:

So what does MyPet premium give Pet Owners?

MyPet Basic

Free for MyPet Microchips / £2.99 for Non-MyPet Microchips

MyPet Premium

£12 Annually

Some more detail on the new features

Add Additional Contacts

This gives pet owners the ability to add additional contacts. This allows multiple sets of details to be stored against a microchip number. 

This gets requested a lot by pet owners for occasions such as:

  1. Having parents or friends down as an extra point of contact
  2. Adding a temporary set of details such as a pet sitter

Add Vets

This gives pet owners the ability to add their vet details. We get asked this a lot as people worry if their pet goes missing and gets injured and they can’t be contacted that their vet can be in an emergency.

This builds on some other features in the pipeline for MyPet premium. We’ll keep you updated on those features.

Add Pet images

Pet owners always ask to add pictures of their pets. MyPet Premium now gives them a way to do this.

Microchip search notifications

We will get in touch with pet owners when their pet’s microchip is searched to check everything’s okay and check if there’s anything we can do to help.

Anytime certificate download

Anytime someone confirms a registration or completes a transfer, we email them a nice registration certificate. We don’t offer a service for updated certificates unless requested as PDF generation costs us. It’s one of the reasons we can keep our services free.

MyPet Premium gives pet owners the chance to request updated copies from within our platform

Up to 10 pets per account

We’ve decided on a high limit for pets per account. This allows our pet owners to keep all of their pets on MyPet Premium to keep it simple and straight forward.

Premium Support

We get 100’s of requests from Pet owners every week. We have an AI-driven platform which helps us prioritise these requests. This prioritises requests about lost pets, microchip customer requests etc. 

Things like General enquiries such as Can you tell me what country this microchip is from get deprioritised. 

Our model for rating and prioritising support requests is part of our secret sauce. It’s how we ensure we continue to deliver for our customers as we grow. Just check out our reviews HERE.

Premium Support will be added to this model meaning MyPet Premium customers can expect quicker responses and responses from our more experienced team members.

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