Are you prepared for cat microchipping?

Cat microchipping will become a legal requirement on the 10th June in England. We expect other area of the UK to follow suit. In the UK we believe there are a huge number of unregistered microchips. Around 6 million. (The UK Government estimated 2.5 million but we think it’s a lot more). Find out why below.

How many cats need microchipped?

We are pretty geeky here at MyPet. We looked at our data and we wanted to share the findings with you. First up starting with our database. Here is a view of the % of pets on our database. 

So now let’s think about how many pets are in the UK. The estimated populations are:

  • 12 million dogs 
  • 11 million cats


Now based on these figures versus the percentage of registration the UK Government’s prediction of 2.5 million pets didn’t feel right. Based on the total number of dogs v cats in the UK we’d expect the percentage of dogs to be around 51% and cats to be around 47%. 

Based on the current % of cat registrations we estimate that there are only around 4 million cats microchipped in the UK.

This means we have a gap of 6-7 million cats that aren't microchipped or whose microchip is not registered within the UK.

Are you prepared for Cat microchipping?

Are you prepared for cat microchipping to become a legal requirement?

We can all help make our customers, friends and family aware. Here’s some ways in which we can do that:

Veterinary Teams

We have a range of tools and assets for Veterinary Practices to help them with Cat Microchipping. Here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Advertise to your customers. Click the button below to get access to our Cat Microchipping social assets and a link to order posters.
  2. Check your data! If your practice management system can do this, send all registered cat owners an email or notification informing them of the legislation. This will help them ensure their cat is microchipped and that their details are up to date. Feel free to send them THIS ARTICLE.
  3. Make it a part of all your cat appointments – Where appropriate ensure you and your team talk to pet owners about the change in the law when they are in the clinic for an appointment. Remember it’s not just ensuring a cat is microchipped! Encourage your customers to ensure their details are up to date. 
  1. Run a social media campaign. Many Animal Rescues have thousands of followers on social media. I follow around 100 rescues. Use your reach to inform and educate pet owners. Click the button below to access a range of assets and links that can be used. 
  2. Run a microchip check day – Organise a fundraising day focused on checking animal microchips and helping the pet owner ensure their details are up to date.
  3. Offer microchipping as part of your service – We work with many Animal Rescues that microchip pets for people in their community and also microchip any animals not microchipped in their care. Find out how we help Animal Rescues HERE.
  1. Advertise on social media – Let all your followers know about Cat Microchipping. You can share THIS ARTICLE and you can also use our Social Media Assets free of charge. Just click the button below
  2. Are you a cat breeder? Contact all your previous customers to let them know about the change. 
  3. When your microchipping for your clients, check with them if they have any cats and ask are they microchipped and registered.
  1. Are you a cat owner? Check your cat is microchipped and that your details are up to date. You may be able to take advantage of the Cats Protection microchipping scheme. Find out more HERE.
  2. Share the word on social media. You can find a range of posts to share on our Facebook and Instagram.

Can we help you with your microchips?

Find out below how we help with microchipping. Just click the section below and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you. 

Veterinary Clinic

Find out how we help Vet clinics!

Animal Rescue

Find out how we help Animal Rescues



Find out how we help pet breeders

Microchip Implanter

Find out how we help microchip implanters

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