What microchips would your customer choose?

Every month we have a lot of people move to our database. They do this for a lot of reasons. One customer recently said in reply to a support ticket “Why don’t my vets use your microchips?” We’ve also had a big uptick in the number of customers contacting us to ask where they can […]

Top 10 ways to be a good pet parent

Everyone wants to be the perfect pet parent. We speak to tons of pet owners every week who want to be sure their pet is safely and securely registered on the MyPet microchip database.  Read this article if you’d like to learn the top 10 ways to be a good pet parent.  1. Take responsibility […]

Who buys MyPet Microchips?

I battled with myself over 2 titles for this article. The first being “Who buys MyPet microchips?” the second being “What type of customers do we want?” Here’s that answer: People who care about the pets they microchip Our customers care about the pets they microchip. They want to give them the best possible chance […]

AMDO Conference 23 May 2024

MyPet is excited to announce we’re participating in the first AMDO Conference on 23rd May. As a Founder Member of AMDO we are proud to be playing a role in improving the effectiveness of microchip databases in the UK.  AMDO was founded in early 2023 and has already made great progress in raising the standards […]

Helping get lost pets home – MyPet Microchip Database

Over this year we’ve published a few of our lost pet stories. As a microchip database, it’s our core purpose. We help get 100’s of lost pets home every year. Here’s a summary of those stories. Lost Pet story number 1 Sassy the cat went missing on a Wednesday, her own was worried sick.  A […]

Are you prepared for cat microchipping?

Cat microchipping will become a legal requirement on the 10th June in England. We expect other area of the UK to follow suit. In the UK we believe there are a huge number of unregistered microchips. Around 6 million. (The UK Government estimated 2.5 million but we think it’s a lot more). Find out why […]

We’re making MyVet available to microchip implanters

When we first started our microchip database we worked with some veterinary practices on software. My experience and Paul’s experience with microchip databases led us to talk to these veterinary practices about their experience, which wasn’t good. They had bad experiences across the board with different microchip databases. You can read more about Paul and […]

MyPet and Vet Envoy Integration

We’re excited to announce an Integration with Vet Envoy. Our Vet Envoy integration can make it easier and faster to register microchips for their clients. Who are Vet Envoy If you’re in the Veterinary industry and haven’t heard of Vet Envoy where have you been? Vet Envoy launched in 2005, they have evolved since then […]

Microchip Database Reviews

A lot of people come across MyPet because of customer reviews. We love hearing what our customers think. We wanted to write this article to make it easy for people to find a range of reviews on us and other microchip databases in the UK.  MyPet Reviews Our main review site is reviews.io. Reviews.io is […]