Microchip Database Reviews

A lot of people come across MyPet because of customer reviews. We love hearing what our customers think. We wanted to write this article to make it easy for people to find a range of reviews on us and other microchip databases in the UK.  MyPet Reviews Our main review site is reviews.io. Reviews.io is […]

Where is the best place to register my pets microchip?

One of the things that people ask when they first get a new pet is – Where is the best place to register my pet’s microchip? This is a great question and an important one when you’re being a responsible pet parent.  There are a number of Defra-compliant databases in the UK. You can see […]

Registering a foreign pet microchip

To answer your question as quickly as possible! You can register a foreign pet microchip (Overseas microchip) with us! We go into a lot more details below but follow these steps if you want to register a foreign pet microchip with us for just £2.99 Search your pet’s microchip below We will tell you if […]

MTA Conference and Battersea 2023 microchipping report

This is partly an update on the recent Microchip Trade Association Conference and our thoughts on the Battersea microchipping report. It’s all in together as they both touch on the same items. Introduction of Cat microchipping Nearly everyone at the Microchip Trade Association Conference felt Cat microchipping is a good thing. They believe it will […]

Fireworks and our pets

A lot of animals including our pets find fireworks very scary. As owners and animal loves we can find it hard to watch our animals frozen in fear, hiding under beds or even worse running away, jumping fences etc. It’s hard to help Animals like cows, sheep etc but we can help our pets. Start […]

Autumn Hazards – Keeping your pets safe!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. From lovely evening walks with crunchy leaves to Halloween.  However it brings with it some increased risks for our furry friends! Falling from trees Fruit, nuts, conkers etc can pose a risk to your pet when they fall from trees. For example, fruit falling from trees such as […]

Animal cruelty rising quickly

The RSPCA recently warned Animal cruelty cases are increasing on a massive scale. They want to highlight the recent and rapid rise in incidents of animal cruelty, particularly against cats. The RSPCA released images of a cat that had to undergo multiple surgeries after having boiling water poured on its head. (Photo at the bottom.) […]

How your microchip supplier reflects on your Veterinary Practice

Did you know that your microchip supplier reflects on your veterinary practice?  We regularly receive calls and emails asking where the closest veterinary practice that uses our microchips are. We always ask why and this article summarises some of the reasons we hear.  Microchip quality The quality of the microchip comes up quite often. A […]