How a microchip database helps get lost pets home – The stories!

Last week someone said to me – “What good is a microchip database if it doesn’t have up to date details?” This conversation came to be from this person saying microchip databases aren’t fit for purpose.  While I agree there are improvements that can be made such as I’ve added below databases help get hundreds […]

The benefits of microchipping

With us being one of the leading providers of microchips in the UK and also running the MyPet Microchip database we often get asked this question:  What are the benefits of microchipping MyPet? Microchipping is an amazing procedure where a chip around the size of a grain of rice is inserted into your pet. This […]

Cat and kitten microchipping

Microchipping your cat is the best way to ensure our adventurous feline friends are reunited with their owners if they can’t find their way home.  We’ve put this article together to go through the main questions a pet owner might have on microchipping. What is a cat microchip? A microchip is a small device (about […]

Should there be mandatory training for pet ownership?

This article is not focused on microchipping but it is a topic that I think is worth exploring…  The question I want to consider is: Should a potential pet owner have to complete training and pass a test before owning a pet? Over the last number of months, we’ve dealt with an ever-increasing range of […]

Association of microchip database operators

There’s a lot going on in the world of Pet microchip databases in the UK. I write occasionally about the issues we face in our blog HERE. To name a few: Fraudulent microchip databases like and Pet chip registry.  Cat microchipping legislation being introduced. A consultation into how microchip databases operate as well as […]

What’s important to microchip implanters?

We speak to lots of microchip implanters all the time and welcome new customers from our competitors each and every week. Our team is always curious as to why they want to find a new microchip supplier or why they have come to MyPet…   These are the top reasons we are given:  “My customers complain […]

Which pet microchips should you buy?

There are many different options when it comes to buying pet microchips in the UK.  In this article we talk through the largest pet microchip suppliers in the UK. MyPet Microchips by Trovan MyPet is the exclusive supplier of Trovan microchips in the UK. Trovan is a market leader in the pet microchip market. Here’s […]

Microchips explained

In this article I will give an explanation of microchips in the UK with the aim of creating a guide to pet microchips. We are aiming for this to be a useful resource for anyone wanting to know more or for people who are trying to track down a pet owner.  To find out how […]

Cat microchipping to become mandatory

Defra recently announced that cat microchipping will become mandatory in 2023. In our opinion this is excellent news, we help get lost pets home every week but we also hear lots of stories where pets aren’t microchipped and don’t make it home or take much longer to get home. This is particularly true with cats.  […]