Why Do Dogs Play? (And Why You Should Encourage It!)

Have you ever wondered why dogs play? We’ve put together this article on some of the main reasons why dogs play and why you should encourage them to. Developing their motor skills A study at Edinburgh University found that playing helps puppies develop their motor skills. Rolling around, pouncing, jumping, biting and generally pawing around are all […]

Defra Compliant Pet Microchip Databases In The UK

There are 15 Defra compliant pet microchip databases in the UK. They work by “talking” to each other. If you search one you’re searching them all. You can read more about how they work HERE. In this article we lay out the differences between the pet microchip databases. These databases can be used to register dogs, […]

How Pet Microchipping Works?

We’ve got quite a few questions recently on how pet microchipping works. This article explains pet microchipping and how pet microchips and databases work in the UK. How pet microchipping works Pet microchipping works using a technology called radio frequency identification or RFID for short. RFID tags store data and communicates that data to a […]

The Story Of Nennella

Nennella, a brindle and white Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross went missing on the 21st September this year. Her owner Walter later spoke with the Dog Warden to notify them and he started looking for Nennella, He spent the next few weeks frantically looking for Nennella. Walter was physically looking as well and gathered a […]

What Are The Benefits Of Pets For Kids?

Are you thinking of adding a furry friends to your family? It can be a wonderful thing. There are some huge benefits of pets for kids. Pets are proven to boost self-esteem and lower stress. They can also teach kids a lot about love. So what are the benefits of pets for kids? Whether it’s […]

What Age Is My Dog In Human Years? The Real Answer!

How many times have you asked yourself? “I wonder what age my dog is in human years?” The old way of calculating your dogs age in human years was to take their age and times it by 7. Researchers have landed on an alternative method which is much more accurate! Part of the problem with […]

Petfished! How People Are Taking Advantage Of Our Pets!

Most people will have heard the phrase “Cat-fishing”. This is when a stranger creates a fictional online persona to lure someone into a relationship. It’s led to tragic heartbreaks and even murder! MTV even have a TV SHOW about it!Deceitful pet sellers and traders use similar tactics and this has been dubbed “pet-fishing”. What is pet-fishing? Pet-fishing […]

MyPet And Our Microchip Database And How We Can Help!

MyPet And Our Microchip Database And How We Can Help! It has taken us a lot of work to become a Defra compliant microchip database, and a long time to integrate with the other databases, some of them really didn’t want us in the club and the technology used is pretty old school but we […]

What Do Our Dogs And Cats Remember?

Have you ever thought about your pets memory? The experts suggest that extremely positive as well the extremely negative experiences, create the most lasting memories in both dogs and cats. Although that might seem normal, there are many experiences that are forgettable for us, but will last a long time for our pets.The first thing […]

Do You Keep Your Pet’s Microchip Details Up To Date?

When we got together as a team we talked about all the big problems with owning a pet. There’s a lot of them lets be honest. (You can read a bit more about our vision for pet owners HERE and for pet care businesses HERE.)Pet microchip data storage jumped right out at us. We first talked about our […]