Buy MyPet Microchips

Standard microchips (12mm x 2.1mm)

From £3.40 per microchip (Incl VAT)

Mini microchips (8.5mm x 1.41mm)

From £3.60 per microchip (Incl VAT)

Needle only mini microchips

From £3.50 per microchip (Incl VAT)

Needle only standard microchips

From £3.30 per microchip (Incl VAT)

Trovan Microchip scanner

£59.99 (Incl VAT)

Microchip implanter gun

£10.00 (Incl VAT)


Microchip implanter syringe

£2.50 (Incl VAT)

All prices include VAT

What's included?

Lifetime registration

Your customer the pet owner will never be forced to pay to update / change their details.

Most innovative database

We're a technology company. We build all our software ourselves meaning you and your clients get the best experience.

Multiple ways to register

You can register for your clients, or you can provide the card that comes with every microchip to let them register!


Every MyPet user gets regular emails to remind them to ensure their details are up to date.


Anytime a MyPet users pet's microchip is searched, we notify them, helping keep their pet safe.


The MyPet community gets access to a range of offers and discounts when they register thier pet's microchip.

A microchip should only be implanted by a Vet or another person trained on a recognised course. We will request proof on your first purchase

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