Can A Pet Microchip Really Help Get A Lost Pet Home Safely?

If you want the short answer it’s overwhelmingly – YES!

While we were researching pet microchipping we came across the most remarkable story on how a pets microchip information helped him make a near 900 mile round trip from getting lost to home.

The story of Emile

Emile, a twelve year old black labrador went missing in France. He was originally from Liverpool. Matthew his owner had moved from Liverpool to France. Matthew had also been left paralysed from the waist down a number of years earlier.When Emile went missing Matthew was terrified he had died alone somewhere nearby. He was devastated.Emile was discovered 30 miles away from where he went missing by an Italian lorry driver. Worried that he might cause an accident or get killed on the road, she picked up the dog and took him back to Italy with her. Unfortunately her work commitments did not allow for her to stop at a veterinary clinic in France.When she got back she went to a Vet in Verona Italy. They failed to locate an address on the French microchip database. Due to the commitment of the vet and the lorry driver this led to them discovering Emile was registered on a UK database.They were able to write to Matthew and inform him that Emile had been found. This put in motion the end of a 894 mile round trip to bring Emile home. On finding out Emile was okay Matthew said “I have rarely received such joyous news. Miracles do happen, and the microchip was obviously key. The Italians who looked after him and found all the information were really fantastic.”

If Emile had not been microchipped and had information registered on a compliant database, it’s very likely that he never would have made it home to Matthew!

We launched our Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs compliant microchip database last week. Use our website to check:

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P.S This isn’t Emile, It’s a picture of another amazing black labrador.

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