#Checkyourchip – Keeping Your Pet’s Microchip Information Up To Date!

Why #checkyourchip?

We see tons of posts when pets are found, they are microchipped, but that microchip is not registered! This is why it’s super important your pet’s microchip is up to date!

Did you know an Animal pound or rescue only has a requirement to keep your pet for 7 days before the pet can be rehomed. Social media isn’t a 100% fool proof for getting your pet home if they go missing!

Your pet’s microchip will always be checked if it’s found by a vet, dog warden or rescue, so please make sure your pet’s microchip is registered and your details are up to date!

Check your chip

Checking your microchip is a pretty easy process! Here it is in 4 easy steps:

If there is anything we can do to help you can open a support ticket HERE.


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