Cody And Rollie

We want to get to know the MyPet community better. We thought it would be amazing to hear stories about the pets in the MyPet community.

I’m kicking this off by telling the story of how Cody and Rollie came into my life! We’ll start with Cody as he arrived first!


Gemma my wife and I adopted Cody from Carrick Dog Shelter in Ireland. He was around 8 to 9 weeks old when we got him. He was found in a field with his 3 brothers. It was suspected they had been dumped there. Here’s the first photo we ever seen of him:

He was so quiet on the way home, I actually thought he might be deaf as he didn’t respond to anything on the way home. Here’s his first few days in his new home!

Cody is coming 5 in February next year and he’s got a whole lot bigger!


Rollie came to us at just over a year old. His new owner had approached a local dog pound in Ireland and two amazing women who do a huge amount for animals on the Island of Ireland helped him find a new home rather than go into a pound.

Gemma (my wife) reached out to these ladies after seeing a post online about Rollie needing a new home as soon as possible. He had been sleeping in an outhouse for around 6 months.

Gemma send around 50 photos of Cody to show “how happy he was” in her words. After some calls it was agreed Rollie was going to come to his new home with us!

We picked him up from Dublin 2 days later! He jumped up and give us both a face lick and jumped in the car.

Puppy Rollie

First picture we seen of Rollie

Rollie settled in pretty quickly! Within 20 minutes of meeting Cody they were best friends! Here’s a picture of the first time they were in the house together.

Within a few weeks we couldn’t imagine life without Rollie. Here’s a few pictures of Cody and Rollie enjoying themselves:

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