Fake Microchip Databases

We have had quite a few people who have contacted us lately to ask about fake microchip databases. There are several of these around, the most prevalent is this one:

We estimate that they spend roughly £1000 a month duping people into registering their microchip for £18.00. 

This registration does absolutely nothing. They aren’t connected to the other Defra compliant databases nor do they have any sort of reunification service. 

There are others out there that do the same, some of them sell microchips on the basis that they are a Defra compliant database but they aren’t. It’s something to be very careful of if you’re registering your pet. 

An update

We’ve recently made been aware by another user that these crooks are no impersonating a Government website to make it look more official . Check out the picture below, then check out the official UK Government Dog microchipping page HERE. They’ve made it to look just like the UK Government Website. You can check out the FAKE database HERE.

How you can be careful

If you’re registering your pet, first check the UK Government website and check if the database is listed HERE.

We’ve also put together THIS handy article comparing the prices and features of all Defra compliant databases in the UK. 

3 easy steps to check if your pet is registered

Step 1

Check if your microchip is registered by clicking HERE.

We’ll tell you if your pet is registered and on what Defra compliant database. 

Step 2

If your pet is registered, check with the microchip database that you’re details are up to date.

Step 3

If your pet’s microchip isn’t registered, you can register with MyPet for just £1.99!


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