How can I check if my pet is eligible for 4 weeks free insurance?

Did you know as part of a registration with us we offer you 4 weeks FREE pet insurance with the award-winning Agria Pet Insurance? To find out if your pet is eligible you can follow the below steps: Login to your MyPet Account here: Click on pets Click on each pet In a few seconds we […]

Our charges explained

One of our core aims is to ensure keeping your pet’s details up to date on a Defra compliant database is easy and affordable. This article explains all of our pricing.  MyPet Microchips If your pet has a MyPet microchip thank your microchip implanter! They’ve purchased a microchip which isn’t the cheapest available but the […]

How do I update my details?

Updating your details is super easy with MyPet! First up login here: If you can’t remember your password you can reset it here: Once your logged in click profile. You can find some pictures showing this below!  If you’re on a computer or tablet If you’re on a mobile device When you click this […]

Where Can I Find My Pets Microchip Number?

If you are unsure if your pets microchip number, check any documentation you got with your pet. You can also ask your pets breeder / rescue or previous owner if they know. If they can’t help please visit your vet who can scan your pet for their microchip.

What Is A Microchip? How Does It Work?

A microchip is a method of electronic identification. The chip itself is very small, about the size of a grain of rice. It normally holds a 15 digit unique number which is read using a microchip scanner. This number is then registered on an approved database against your details.

As A Breeder Can I Use MyPet For Registering Pets?

You can register Pets with MyPet as a breeder and transfer them to new homes. We give a range of benefits to pet owners such as: Annual emails to ensure their details are up to date An email if your pet’s microchip is ever searched Access to Exclusive offers and discounts including 10% off in […]