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Adding Microchips To MyVet

If you buy MyPet microchips from a third party, you’re microchips won’t be automatically loaded onto MyVet. Here’s how to load them on to your MyVet platform.

P.S. There’s a video at the end of this article if you prefer watching and learning!  😊 

Step 1

Under microchips find and click “+ Add microchips”

Step 2

On the side of every one of our microchip boxes is a batch and box number as shown below. You’ll use these to load your microchips onto MyVet. 

Generally any delivery you get will only have 1 or 2 batches but multiple boxes. Each box contains 10 microchips. 

Step 3

Now we need to add that information:

  1. Add the batch number
  2. The box numbers will appear beneath the batch number
  3. Tick the box numbers you have received
  4. You can hover over the microchip number to see a full list of microchips in that box
  5. Click “add selected batches” to add those boxes to your account

Help us!Please be careful to only add microchips you have received×Dismiss alert

That’s it your all done! you can now register your microchips!

The video

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