How to transfer or rehome a pet?

Conor McManus

Conor McManus

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We’ve made it as easy as possible to transfer a pet on your account to a new owner.

First log into your account here:

Once logged in you’ll see the screen below. Click Pets to access all the pets on your account.

After clicking pets you will see a list of your pets. Click the pet you wish to transfer.

Once you have clicked the pet you wish to transfer, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the option “Re-home pet”.

After clicking this button you’re presented with a form to enter the new owners details. At the minimum we need the new owners email address. You can click “show more” to enter all the pet owner details. We will follow up with the pet owner by email to get any missing details. Let them know to look out for an email from us!


Once all the details are entered just click rehome pet and you’re all done.

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