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I Just Adopted A New Pet And It’s Showing As Registered On A Database. What Can I Do?

If your pet is registered on another database, there’s a few things you can do depending on where your pet came from:

  • If you got your pet from their previous owner, you can contact them and ask them to contact the database and either ask them to remove the registration or transfer it to you.
  • If you got the pet from a rescue, it’s worth checking if the rescue has your pet registered to them, if not you can contact the database and ask them to transfer it to you or remove the old information. (You can register your pet on two databases but we’d recommend just one, this will avoid any confusion should your pet ever go missing.) Mypet will also keep the rescues details as a backup in case we can’t contact you. We call this a RBU. (Rescue back up).
  • If you got your pet from a breeder, they should have transferred the registration to you. Reach out to them and ask them to do this. If you want your pet registered exclusively with MyPet reach out to the breeder and ask them to cancel the registration with the other database.

If you’re still struggling with transferring the registration, we recommend you register with MyPet and reach out to us – support@ We will then do our very best to talk you through removing the old registration details or transferring them to our database.

You can also email us if you’ve any other questions.  support@

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