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I’m the new owner of a pet. How do I transfer them to my details / account.

We have made it easier then ever for you as the new keeper of a pet to transfer it into your account. Check out the video below or follow the instructions below!

Step by step guide

Step 1

First up register HERE or login HERE.

Step 2

If you’re registering as a new user you’ll first have to enter your details then click next! 

Check out the image!

Step 3

After registering you will go to the add a pet screen. Enter the microchip number and your system will know if it’s already registered and present you with a pop up as shown in the image! If you don’t see this pop up it means the microchip is not registered on our platform. 

Always check the type, breed and colour. If these don’t match double check the microchip number and get in touch with us as there may be a microchip mix up!

If everything matches up click Yes!

Step 4

We will now start the process to rehome! Check out the image to see what happens now!

Step 5

The existing / old keeper will then get a series of emails that look like the one below. As soon as they click confirm the pet moves to your account as the new keeper.

Step 6

You will then receive an email to confirm your details! It looks a bit like the below! Click the button and you’ll then confirm the details!

Step 7

Now you’ll be brought to the page to confirm your details! First confirm your details then your pet’s details. 

Step 8

Once you have confirmed your pet(s) you will receive an email with your pet’s certificate and your link to access MyPet Perks!

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