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What Is An Authorised User?

An authorised user is a user that we believe should have access to pet owner details within our microchip database. We broadly categorise these into the following categories:

  1. Veterinary clinics
  2. Police
  3. Local council officials such as a dog warden
  4. Animal rescue charities

What are authorised user accounts for?

Authorised user accounts are used to help mainoy in the reunification of pets with their owner if they go missing. They can also help with tracking down a stolen pet. In many cases an authorised user account is used to check if the person asking for a pet to be euthanised is the actual keeper of the pet. This helps save pet lives.

How do you ensure only the correct organisations have access to an authorised user account?

Each user that requests an authorised user account is checked by a human to ensure they meet our requirements. We also monitor authorised user searches to ensure they do not abuse our platform. If we believe someone may be abusing the system we disable their account instantly.

If you believe you need an authorised user account you can apply for one HERE.

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