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Over this year we’ve published a few of our lost pet stories. As a microchip database, it’s our core purpose. We help get 100’s of lost pets home every year. Here’s a summary of those stories.

Lost Pet story number 1

Sassy the cat went missing on a Wednesday, her own was worried sick. 

A lovely lady found Sassy on Wednesday evening and by this stage Sassy’s owner was in work. 

The lovely lady took Sassy to the Vet and the Vet contacted us. We spoke with the owner at 8 pm and she said she couldn’t get out of work until midnight!

The lovely lady offered to keep Sassy safe at home until the next morning. We connected the lovely lady and Sassy’s owner and Sassy was home by 8 am the next day!

Lost Pet story number 2

A Veterinary practice called us. A dog had been handed in by one of their clients. We searched the microchip and it turned out Jake had been missing for 2 days! 🙁

We passed the details over to the Veterinary practice and said we’d check in shortly to ensure they were able to contact the pet owner. 

An hour later we called to check and Jake was already back at home. Jakes Pet Parent was OVER THE MOON. We checked in with them as well to ensure all was well and updated Jake as safe on our database.

Lost Pet story number 3

A little lost cat was brought into a rescue centre, the lady that found her thought she looked bedraggled and tired. She was right!

The rescue Centre searched the microchip and called our team. We were able to see the little cat (called Rosie) had been missing for over a week. Rosie’s owner called us at the same time as she had got an alert Rosie’s microchip had been searched. 

Rosie was safe at home within the hour! Rosie had managed to travel over 8 miles from home!

Lost Pet story number 4

With the weather turning off lead walks are back! We absolutely love seeing pups in the park having a good run! Emma The Springer Spaniel was ding just this and must have caught a good scent and off she went. 

Her owner went after her but couldn’t find her. 

3 hours later Emma’s owner was still looking for her when we got the call. Someone had found Emma and knew a microchip implanter. She went round to the implanters house with Emma and scanned her microchip. 

The Implanter called us and we were able to contact Emma and pass on the number. Emma’s owner called and collected Emma 15 minutes later. Emma made it home with a very relieved owner!

Stories on the news

Check out THIS STORY on Sky News about a dog getting home after 8 months: 

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