How to use Defra compliant microchip databases to find a pet’s details

One thing that’s been trending recently via our support hub has been how Defra compliant microchip databases work. Here are a few of the queries we have had:

  • Veterinary teams asking about how Defra compliant databases work. 
  • Veterinary teams thinking “Check a chip” is a government site or the only site that can search all Defra compliant databases.
  • Pet owner queries asking if their pet is properly registered as their Vet couldn’t see their details.

We understand these queries as the current system can be difficult to understand. There is a lot of work going on currently within Defra to update the legalisation to make it (hopefully) more user friendly. You can see our update on the consultation HERE.

So let’s go through how Defra compliant databases work and how a Veterinary team or other authorised user can use them to find a pet’s owners details.

What is a Defra compliant database?

A Defra compliant database is one which meets government standards set out in the legalisation. You can find more information on Defra’s website HERE.

For a detailed breakdown on the cost and benefits for pet owners check out are article HERE.

How can a pet owner find out which database their pet is registered on?

This one is easy. All Defra compliant databases “talk” to each other. You can search any and see which database has information on your pet’s microchip. You can find our “Chip checker” HERE.

P.S. A pet microchip is usually 15 digits long. If your pet’s microchip is different get in touch with us.

What is an authorised user?

An authorised user is someone who most Defra compliant databases will give permission to search a pet’s owners details. There are some databases that are under equipped to deliver this. If you as an authorised user are having issues getting owner details we recommend you contact Defra. Please get in touch with us for more information on how to do that.

Here is a list of groups we consider authorised users:

  1. Veterinary teams
  2. Police
  3. Local councils
  4. Animal Kennels with a council contract
  5. An Animal Rescue with registered charity (or similar) status.

How can an authorised user access pet owner details?

Here are the steps to get a pet’s details:

  1. Search the microchip on your chosen databases chip checker tool. You can find our’s HERE. If you’re a Veterinary customer our MyVet platform has a chip checker tool. You can see videos on this HERE.
  2. This will tell you which databases has details on the microchip. On rare occasions 2 databases will have the same microchip registered. If you have an authorised user account you can login to that database and search the microchip. If you don’t you can ring. P.S. You can apply for a MyPet authorised user account HERE.
  3. All databases are required to operate a 24/7 reunification line. Our phone number is 0800 368 4150

What if I can't get in touch with one of the databases?

All Databases are not made equal. Some have abysmal customer service and do not take their responsibility seriously. We are hopeful that Defra will make the criteria much stricter and start auditing Defra compliant microchip databases. If you are struggling to get in touch with a database, please get in touch and we will advise you on how to get in touch with Defra.

We feel it’s really important the people (and their pets) that are being let down by irresponsible databases get in touch with Defra. 

An incompetent database like this lets the industry and the faith in the overall system down.

P.S. You can check out our reviews on Reviews.io HERE and Trustpilot HERE

MyPet Microchips

We help Veterinary Clinics and other microchip implanters across the UK. 

Our Microchips are made in Germany by Trovan. Along with these microchips and our 5 star rated databases you’ will never have problems with microchipping again. Here’s some of the benefits you and your customers will get:

  • 100% free registration for life for pet owners. We NEVER charge to register, update or transfer a MyPet microchip. 
  • Search notifications – We let a pet owner know anytime their pet’s microchip is searched
  • Reminders – We regularly check in with pet owners to make sure their details are up to date. 
  • Easy to use for implanters – We build all our software in house. We are a team of software experts meaning our platform is easy to use and super reliable. 

You can find out more about our microchips HERE.

If you are part of a Veterinary team check out how we help Veterinary teams HERE.

Fill out the form below if you’d like us to get in touch with more information. 😄

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