How your microchip supplier reflects on your Veterinary Practice

Did you know that your microchip supplier reflects on your veterinary practice? 

We regularly receive calls and emails asking where the closest veterinary practice that uses our microchips are. We always ask why and this article summarises some of the reasons we hear. 

Microchip quality

The quality of the microchip comes up quite often. A lot of people want the best possible quality as it’s something that’s actually injected into their animals. We hear this a bunch from animal breeders. Here’s a recent quote from a call:

I’m keen to ensure the microchip is of the best quality. My local vet’s microchips are made in Asia and after reading up on the quality of your microchips I’d prefer my litter have yours implanted. 

Microchip database service levels

Not all microchip databases are made equal. Some offer dreadful customer service and your customers may not discover this for a few weeks or a few years after the microchip has been implanted. Here are a few reviews where the pet owner/breeder discover these issues. This is only a few reviews from across different microchip suppliers. 

Microchip database Charges

Many different microchip suppliers charge differing fees for pet registration.

We found in a survey that 72% of pet owners would be put off updating their details because of a charge to do this. 

So why MyPet?

MyPet Microchips by Trovan

First up on quality here are a few pointers on MyPet Microchips by Trovan:

Our Database charges

On our microchip database charges – When it’s a MyPet microchip we never charge to update/transfer a registration. We do this because we want to ensure pet owners can always have their details up to date and they don’t have to pay for that privilege. This helps ensure more lost pets get home safe!

The MyPet Service

We care a huge amount about our service levels. Check out our reviews below. P.S. We don’t use Trustpilot but we still have plenty of reviews. you can see them HERE

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