Is There A UK National Microchip Database?

A lot of people are shocked when they find out there isn’t one unified UK national microchip database for pets. There are actually 15 Defra compliant microchip databases.

We’ve added the full list below:

What’s a Defra compliant database?

A Defra compliant microchip database is one that complies with the laws around operating as a pet microchip database. You can see the full set of rules HERE. (This is the English law but all UK devolved governments use very similar rules.) As a summary they must do the following:

  1. Build a connection with every other database. This means if you search one database it will tell you which database has information on that microchip.
  2. Operate a 24/7 Telephone line for lost pets.
  3. Store all the pet and owners information
  4. Provide information requested by an authorised user
  5. Ability to allow both authorised users and pet owners to enquire electronically about a pet’s microchip.
  6. Store a back-up of this information daily

You may think the same as we do, that the system could be improved. This is why we’ve engaged a lot with Defra on what changes could happen to make the system much better. We’ve laid that out HERE.

Why do microchip databases charge?

Each of the 15 microchip databases charge because they are private for profit companies and running a database costs money. (as well as a 24/7 phone number.)

We do think that some databases charge too much and give far too little value. Long before we formed MyPet I registered Cody and Rollie my 2 dogs on a compliant database. This cost me £40.00. I didn’t even get a confirmation email to say that they were registered. Not exactly what I expected.

Why does MyPet only charge £2.99?

We only charge £2.99 per pet for a lifetime account. This means you can change your details as often as you like, including your phone number and address. The only thing not covered here is a change of ownership.

We do this because we think it’s a fair charge. We will later this year introduce premium features, but this will not change what you get for £2.99. If you’ve any features you’d love drop me an email – conor@mypethq.io

Will there ever be one unified UK National microchip database?

We think this is unlikely as the precedent has been set and many of these businesses operate as commercial businesses. What we do think is that using the technology now available the databases can operate separately but provide the same benefits as one unified UK National microchip database.

How do I register with MyPet?

The first thing we recommend is to check that your pet isn’t registered on any other microchip database. If it is, and you still want to register with MyPet pop them an email to unregister your pet. You can search your microchip HERE. We will search all Defra compliant microchip databases. After that you can register with us by clicking HERE.

If you’ve any questions on pet microchipping feel free to drop me an email – Conor@mypethq.io

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