Microchip Database Reviews

A lot of people come across MyPet because of customer reviews. We love hearing what our customers think. We wanted to write this article to make it easy for people to find a range of reviews on us and other microchip databases in the UK. 

MyPet Reviews

Our main review site is reviews.io. Reviews.io is not the most popular review site but we believe it to be the best up-and-coming. 

When we were deciding where to collect reviews we decided against Trustpilot for a few reasons:

  • They are around 5 times more expensive for a business to use
  • It’s made far more expensive as we have a large number of customers and we charge a small fee for our services, therefore increasing the cost of Trustpilot drastically. 
  • Their technology and integrations are way behind reviews.io. 

That being said Trustpilot is a great resource for reviews. We do get some reviews on there. You can see our Trustpilot reviews HERE.


That being said we love reviews.io. They are far more cost-friendly and have a far better feature set. You can check them out HERE and you can see our reviews below:

Other microchip databases

If you’re currently searching for the best database in the UK. I’d suggest these two links. This will help you in finding all the databases. You can then search for them between Reviews.io and Trustpilot! 🙂

UK Government website

This shows all the databases considered Defra compliant. 

MyPet Article

Our article talks about the main databases in the UK. It summarises costs and benefits. 

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