Monitoring how easy our microchip database is to use and our customer service

At MyPet, we constantly monitor how we’re doing and how our customers feel about us. We’ve recently expanded the range of checks we do to ensure our customers are happy. 

Here’s all the things we’re currently doing:

  1. Every customer who registers a pet is asked to leave us a review telling us how we did. 
  2. Every customer who interacts with our support team is asked to leave a review. 
  3. Every customer who opens a support ticket gets asked how we did after the support ticket is closed.  
  4. Every customer who registers a pet is asked how easy they found our platform to use. 

The results

Our reviews

You can find all our reviews on reviews.io. Check them out below!

How easy is the MyPet microchip database to use

Every customer that registers a pet sees the below pop-up. Since we launched it, it’s been seen by thousands of users. We’re pretty pleased with the results and we’ve learnt ALOT some of which will be incorporated into a release coming soon

The survey

Survey results

How did you find the support?

We ask this question to everyone who opens a support ticket. 1,2 or 3 equals difficult, 4 or 5 equals neutral and 6 and 7 equals easy. 

The survey

Survey Results

Overall we’re pretty happy with our results. From the few negative responses we’ve had we’ve learnt some really valuable feedback. 

We’re considering making this a customer-available dashboard that our microchip customers can view at any time! Click the button below to tell us if you’d be interested in this!

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