MyPet Affiliate Programme FAQ

When you sign up for our affiliate programme we will check everything and approve your affiliate account. Once approved you will have access to a dashboard which allows you to create coupon codes and links. 

Your coupon will give people you know 20% off their first order. 

Anyone that purchases through your link will be credited to your account (whether or not they use a coupon code). Once credited to your account you will get 10% of their purchase price for the next 2 years. For example:

  • Phil Dunphy purchases £100 of microchips tomorrow using your link.
  • You will get £10 from this purchase.
  • Phil comes back 6 months later and purchases £200 of microchips using any link. 
  • You will get £20 from this purchase.

(Commission is not paid against the VAT included in the purchase)

No, you can’t purchase using your own affiliate link. We do offer affiliates 20% off their first order as well. Just let us know and we’ll get you a code. 

All payments will be made around 30 days after a purchase is made when a minimum payment of £5 applies.

Payments are made into your paypal account.

This is completely up to you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Share on your social media. 
  • Share with your contacts via email
  • Share in Facebook groups
  • Share via text message
  • Share on your own website or blog

This is fine. Get in touch with us and we can create you a unique customer landing page.

Yes of course, use any image and we will also add specific images into the “Creative” section on our affiliate portal

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