MyPet And Climate Change

When Paul and I co-founded MyPet we both agreed protecting our planet was key for us when building MyPet. We talked about this when announcing the MyPet shop.

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to care for the world in which we all live. 

This responsibility is now more important than ever

As an individual I try to live with as little impact to the environment as possible, I’m vegetarian, we reuse and recycle as much as we can, we purchase products that place an importance on caring for our planet.

When purchasing products for myself I base many of my decisions on that companies environmental impact. Paul and I want to ensure that MyPet is judged by the same standards so we made a few changes.

Donating 1% of our revenue towards carbon removal

We’ve partnered with stripe to donate 1% of our revenue to carbon removal. We firmly believe this will be one of the key strategies to help save our planet from climate change.

You can find out more about our partnership with Stripe and how we’re helping HERE.

Stripe Climate member

Donating 1% of our revenue towards carbon removal

We weren’t content with just our shop products being eco-friendly, we decided to find a microchip manufacturer that cared for the planet like us. We are delighted to say that our microchips are now a climate neutral product manufactured for us by a climate neutral company.

We want to partner with companies that care as much about our planet as we do and our microchip manufacturer does just this. 

You can find out more about our microchips HERE.

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