MyPet And Our Microchip Database And How We Can Help!

MyPet And Our Microchip Database And How We Can Help!

It has taken us a lot of work to become a Defra compliant microchip database, and a long time to integrate with the other databases, some of them really didn’t want us in the club and the technology used is pretty old school but we got there. We decided early on that we wanted to be simple to use and the cheapest database and to keep the reason for microchip databases at the centre:

Helping lost pets get home safe.

We believe charging £20.00 to keep your pets information on a database is too much. Way too Much. Especially without way more value than is currently offered.Some of the databases don’t even send you an email to remind you to check if your details are up to date! That really is the least they could do for £20.00!We decided £1.99 was a good price. It’s less than a cup of coffee!At MyPet we want to help get pets home quickly and safely using technology and the networks available to do that.  That is why:

  1. Registering on our microchip database costs £1.99 for your pets lifetime!
  2. We made the registration really easy!
  3. You can download our app for FREE!

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