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Microchip your clients pets with access to the most innovative, Defra compliant microchip database

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We include lifetime registration with every microchip. This means a pet owner can change their details as often as they need to

Pet owners get access to a whole range of offers and discounts

We email pet owners anytime their pet's microchip is searched!

We email pet owners every six months to check their details are up to date

The easiest to use and fastest microchip database in the UK. Super easy to register and transfer pets!

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Microchip implanter reviews

Voy Veterinary Clinic
Voy Veterinary Clinic
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The MyPet microchipping solution is brilliant. It’s much easier to register a pet’s microchip details and much easier for pet owners to access their microchip account. The MyPet team provide a really high level of service.

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