Easily connect with your customers

Manage your business with just a few clicks

Do you spend a lot of time managing appointments?

Trying to look after pets and your phone doesn't stop ringing?

Do you record all your appointments in a diary?

Do clients constantly message you to book appointments?

Have you ever double booked an appointment?

Are you worried about GDPR compliance?

How MyPet can help!

Appointment management

  • Manage your availability and appointment types!
  • Let your customers see your availability and book via MyPet!
  • Save time and money by automating appointment booking!
  • You can customise pre appointment questionnaires to get all the information you need!

Communication with customers

  • We communicate with your customer to let them know when they need to book!
  • Remind your customers when their appointment is!
  • We can help let your customers know when you have free slots
  • Running promotions? We can help!

Increase customer satisfaction & reduce no shows and cancellations

  • Exceed your customers expectations with reminders, loyalty programmes & many other pet owner features!
  • With customisable reminders and easy booking options you’ll reduce your no shows and cancellations. 

If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help just let us know!

Other Perks

Secure customer data

Safely store all your customers data
We are GDPR compliant


Provide reporting tools to help you improve your business

Customer Attraction

Attract new customers throught the MyPet platform

Availability Management

Manage your availability and only accept booking when you want to work

Improving the lives of our pets.

Let's create a global pet care community together, helping everyone better care for our pets' health and happiness.

How can we help?

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