Pet Microchip Transfer – Can You Transfer Your Pet’s Microchip To Another Database?

Over the last 2 months we’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us “Can I transfer my pet’s microchip registration?” or in google talk “pet microchip transfer”.

Most of these questions have been driven by a technological failure of one of the largest microchip databases in the UK. You can read more about that HERE.

We are a pet technology company and we’re extremely proud of how secure and reliable our microchip database is.

Can I transfer my pet’s microchip?

If you google pet microchip transfer you won’t find too much information on how to do this. There is no easy and straightforward way to transfer your pet’s microchip. We recommend doing the following:

  1. Register your pet’s microchip with your new microchip of choice
  2. Contact the old database and ask them to remove your pet’s microchip
  3. You can find a full list of microchip databases and costs HERE.

If you do not get a response from your old database and want to register your pet’s microchip with us just open a ticket with us HERE or email support@mypethq.io and we will help you do this!

Unfortunately there isn’t an easier way to transfer you pet’s microchip just yet. This will come in the future.

How do Defra compliant microchip databases work?

All 15 of the Defra compliant microchip databases are connected. If you search any of them that database will check each database and let the user know which database has information on that particular microchip. You can read more about how microchip databases work HERE.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please feel free to reach out to me at conor@mypethq.io or just click the icon at the right hand side to message us. 

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