Promoting cat microchipping

We talked with our marketing guru about what they would do as a veterinary practice to let their current and potential clients know about cat microchipping, the new legislation and why it’s important to microchip cats.

Email and SMS alerts

One of our most successful marketing tools is email and SMS. You can send out a notification about cat microchipping, the deadline and why it’s important. You can use our assets as part of this marketing. Find our social posts HERE.

Posters in waiting room

Promote the legislation and requirements in your waiting room and reception. We created posters specifically for this on our assets page HERE. Remember it takes 6 times for a message like this to take effect!

Annual health check

As part of your cat’s annual health check or any routine appointment scan for a microchip and follow the flow chart below based on if a microchip is found or not!

Click to see larger version

Social Media

Promote cat microchipping as part of your social media. We have a range of Instagram-friendly posts available on our assets page HERE. We also recommend partnerships with local Animal Rescues. Animal Rescues can have a huge local following and can really help get this message out!

Your website

If you have a practice website consider adding a blog article on cat microchipping or adding a banner which promotes cat microchipping! You can borrow anything you like from our article on this HERE and HERE

Microchipping Clinic

We have seen many vets running microchipping clinics. These clinics are specifically for microchipping and gives your team more time to discuss microchipping.

Our MyPet team recently attended one of these clinics with our customer to scan pet microchips, help with microchipping and give pet owners the best advice. We donated 50 microchips to the event as it was targeted at helping with the current cost of living crisis. We’re happy to give your clinic 50 microchips for one of these clinics. Let us know if you’d like these!

Training for your team

We get that microchipping can be confusing. It’s why we’re part of the AMDO and one of our aims is to make it easier for Veterinary Teams and pet owners to understand. 

Here are some articles that we think everyone that’s part of a Veterinary team should read:

Training your team to ensure they can confidently answer questions on microchipping and how microchipping works will help build your clients confidence and allow your team to promote cat microchipping and explain why it’s a benefit.

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