Registering a foreign pet microchip

To answer your question as quickly as possible! You can register a foreign pet microchip (Overseas microchip) with us! We go into a lot more details below but follow these steps if you want to register a foreign pet microchip with us for just £2.99

Enter your microchip number

Your microchip number is 15 digits long

Different types of microchips

There are different types of microchips. In the UK the legal requirement is FDX-B which is a 15-digit microchip. You can read more about different microchips HERE.

If you have a different type of microchip I’d advise getting in touch with us HERE.


What does it mean to have a foreign microchip?

When people say a foreign microchip it’s usually a microchip with a country code. (For example, the microchip starts 642 or another 3-digit combination.)

The UK does not use country codes for Pet microchips so each supplier uses a manufacturer code. For example, ours is 956 meaning all microchips sold by us start with 956. 

We accept foreign microchips as we would any microchip as long as it’s not already registered on another UK microchip database. If you find yours is and you’d prefer to register with us check out THIS ARTICLE or contact us HERE.

In nearly all circumstances someone with an unregistered overseas microchip will have imported a dog or adopted their dog from a rescue which imports dogs from another country. We see a lot of dogs registered from Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Thailand and other European countries.

I've imported my pet and it's registered on a database in another country. Will this not be enough?

In short no! It’s a legal requirement to register on a UK Defra compliant database. You can see a full list of these databases HERE.

Worse than the legal requirement if your pet ever went missing your microchip would be useless in helping get them home! If you are moving to the UK with your pet make sure to register your pet’s microchip as soon as possible!

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  1. Hi, I have registered my dog’s USA microchip on your data base. How long does it take to appear on other UK data bases?

    1. Hey Alistair, It should be instant. If you’re not seeing it please email us with the microchip number at support@mypethq.io and we can take a look at it for you. 🙂



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