MyVet Release notes for Collie 1.9.6

Most of our changes in this release were focused on making registration easier for Pet owners. We did add a few small changes to MyVet! 🙂

Changes to microchip registration form

We made 2 small changes to the microchip registration screen:

  1. Postcode is forced capital letters
  2. Auto-complete should be ignored depending on your browser

New Pet owner notification

We added a new notification 14 days after a pet is registered on MyVet. This means if a pet owner hasn’t confirmed their details by the 14th day we send a new notification by email and SMS prompting them to check all their details are correct. 

It’s important to note the microchip is registered as soon as the MyVet registration is completed. This is just to ensure all the details are correct and update any added details such as added phone numbers.

Bug fixes

  1. Issue on Registration History where the email address couldn’t be changed has been fixed
  2. Issue where registering a bird caused a MyVet issue has been fixed.

Feedback and suggestions

We love hearing any feedback or suggestions. If you have any for us just pop in the details below! 🙂

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