Release notes for Maine Coon 1.9.0

Dog looking over

MyVet Customer list

For users of our MyVet CRM we release a pretty cool change. You can now search for a pet by their name and the owners last name. So let’s say you were looking for a dog Cody and their owners name was Conor McManus. Searching Cody McManus will bring up that record.

Litter registration

When using our feature which allows you to register litters, we have added a new finish button. Previously it could be a little confusing if you forgot to untick “Create another”. Now our new finish button allows you to finish the litter registration in an easier way! 

Unnoticed changes

We’ve also been working hard on behind the scene updates to keep things running smooth while also ensuring best in class security. We’ll be spending some time over the next several updates to do this.

Feedback and suggestions

We love hearing any feedback or suggestions. If you have any for us just pop in the details below! 🙂

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