80 x Trovan Standard Microchips – Needle Only

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Please confirm that you agree to and abide by the UK microchipping legislation terms set out below, or by the legislation applicable in your territory. (Note: This means in the UK microchips can only be implanted by a trained professional) You can more about this and find a link to the UK legislation HERE

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This is 80 of our needle only mini microchip (8mm x 1.4mm)

Trovan is a market leader in microchips globally. MyPet is the exclusive UK supplier of Trovan microchips.

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MyPet is the UK’s premium pet microchip database

MyPet Microchips by Trovan which come with a lifetime MyPet microchip database account for the pet owner. It’s 100% free to register, update and transfer MyPet microchips on the MyPet Defra compliant database FOREVER!

Our Defra compliant microchip database is the fastest growing and most technologically advanced in the UK.

Our user interface is the most intuitive and pet owners love it.

This is 80 of our standard needle only (11.5mm x 2mm) microchip. This requires a syringe or gun for implanting the microchips

Our microchips:

  • ISO 11784 / 11785 FDX-B
  • ICAR Certified
  • Single use syringe
  • Sharp needle with double-cut bevelled edge for smooth implantation
  • Applicator provides tactile click ensuring correct position in animal
  • Silicone dot to prevent microchip slipping from needle before implantation
  • Made in Europe
  • Customer support team based in the UK
  • Free delivery on order over £30.00
  • Find out more HERE.
  • Prices include VAT

Our database:

  • Fully Defra compliant
  • All our microchips come with 100% free registration, updates and transfers for life. Pet owners will NEVER have to pay to ensure their details are up to date
  • We touch in with the pet owner every 6 months to ensure their details are up to date!
  • Safe and super easy to use!

P.S. Prices include VAT

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Product Size:

Product care

Do not use if pack is damaged

Before implanting a microchip:

  • Scan the animal to ensure that there isn’t a microchip already implanted
  • Do not attempt to re-chip, inform the owner and investigate previous ownership by contacting the appropriate database
  • Check the microchip packet is sealed with no perforations
  • Check the microchip is still in date
  • Always scan the microchip before opening the microchip packet to ensure that:
  • The scanner is working properly
  • The microchip is working properly
  • The microchip number is the same as that on the printed barcode, if it does not match or work, put on one side and choose another chip

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