The benefits of microchipping

With us being one of the leading providers of microchips in the UK and also running the MyPet Microchip database we often get asked this question: 

What are the benefits of microchipping MyPet?

Microchipping is an amazing procedure where a chip around the size of a grain of rice is inserted into your pet. This helps give them a method of permanent identification. You can find out more about the actual microchip HERE.

There are a large number of benefits to microchipping your pet so let’s get started:

It's a legal requirement in the UK

In the UK it’s been a legal requirement since 2015 to microchip your dog (and register on a Government Compliant Database like MyPet). In 2023 a new law was brought into force making it a legal requirement for cats as well. Check out our article HERE for more details on this.

You can be fined up to £500 for not having your pet microchipped and registered on a Government Compliant microchip database. 

Microchipping lasts a lifetime

Unlike collars which can become unreadable, lost, or taken off for a bath a microchip is permanent. This means your pet can always be tracked back to you via your microchip database. Here’s a really simple explanation of how it works. 

  1. A microchip holds a 15 digit number
  2. This 15 digit number can be searched on any Government Compliant Database. 
  3. This will allow you or anyone else to track down which database knows about your pet.
  4. To find out more about how the Database system works in the UK click HERE

We trust our microchips so much that we offer a lifetime guarantee if your pet is microchipped. If it stops working at any point during the life of your pet we’ll pay to have it replaced. We always recommend having your vet check your pet’s microchip at each visit just to be safe! 

Microchipping protect against theft

Dog Theft has been on the increase in the last few years. Although a microchip registration is not definitive proof of ownership it is used as part of the cases against dog theft. We’ve been involved and our data used in quite a few dog theft cases over the last 2 years.

Your pet is microchipped but you're not sure if it's registered?

A lot of people we talk to know their pet is microchipped but they are not sure if the microchip is registered. You can use our handy tool below to check which Government Compliant database your pet is registered on. If it’s not registered you’ll be able to register with us!

Microchip search

Your microchip number is 15 digits long

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