The Cheapest Defra Compliant Microchip Database

In the UK there are 15 Defra compliant microchip databases. You can see the full list HEREMyPet is the cheapest microchip database on the list at only £2.99 per pet! You can change your details as many times as you need to.

Why are we the cheapest microchip database?

Our decision to become a Defra compliant microchip database came through my own experience of registering Cody and Rollie! I tried a few companies and realised they were all charging quite a lot of money and I didn’t see what the added value was!

I found some of the websites super confusing. One even tried to make me give them a 5 star trust pilot review for 10% off the registration. (The registration was £19.95.) There was no option to rate other than 5 star. As a business I couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want honest feedback to make sure your business was doing the best possible job.

We wanted to do things differently. We wanted to give amazing value as the cheapest microchip database with no gimmicks.

What we do for Pet owners?

We at MyPet do a few things for pet owners:

  1. If your pet’s microchip is ever searched we will email you letting you know.
  2. We’ll email you every 6 months, just to check your details are up to date.
  3. Access to a range of exclusive offers and discounts.
  4. We’re here should your pet ever go missing to help however we can.
  5. We offer amazing customer service. Just check out our reviews below.

With our low price and amazing features we believe MyPet gives amazing value for money and we have much more to come.

Click HERE if you want to register your pet with MyPet!

MyPet Reviews

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  1. Hello

    My cats have a foreign microchip as we were living abroad and recently came back to the UK, (two cats). How much will it cost me to register the microchip to my new UK address? Please advice

    Many thanks

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