The Difference Between A Microchip And A Pet Tracker

Last week a friend reached out with an article about a microchip database claiming “Track your pet with our microchip”. 

This was totally misleading. A microchip can not track a pet and I don’t expect the technology to be available to do this for another 10 years or more.

There is no technology that combines a pet tracker and a microchip

What's the difference?


In THIS article we talked about what a microchip is and what it does. 

In simple terms it’s a chip with no power source that just stores a 15 digit number. This is then linked via a microchip database to your pet.

Here’s a few facts about a microchip:

  • Their about the size of a grain of rice
  • It’s a legal requirement in the UK to microchip your dog
  • A microchip is implanted under your pet’s skin

GPS Pet tracker

A GPS pet tracker generally attaches to a pet collar and are usually around 7 cm long. (The smallest we could find was 5cm from SaferPet which you can find HERE.)

They use GPS (A bit like a car sat nav) to track your pet’s live movements via an accompanying app. Here’s a few other facts about them:

  • Require charging every few days
  • Require a subscription as the GPS used a sim card
  • Attaches to your pet’s collar

The best way to protect your pet

A pet microchip works for your pet’s entire life where as a GPS Tracker needs charged every few days depending on your pet’s activity. 

A microchip acts as a method for your pet to find it’s way home to you if it ever goes missing. 

A GPS tracker can be equally as useful if your at the park and your dog runs off. You can quickly locate your pet.

Here’s the 3 best ways to protect your pet in case they ever go missing:

  1. Ensure your pet is microchipped and registered on a microchip database. You can check all UK databases on our website HERE.
  2. Ensure your pet has an ID collar with your details on it
  3. Use a pet tracker to track your pet live, especially if you’re doing any off-lead walks.

We’re friends with the team over at SaferPet who can help you with a pettracker. Click HERE to head over to their website. 

P.S. We like to be upfront. We may get paid if your purchase a pet tracker from SaferPet.

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