Top Tips for keeping your pet safe

July is Lost Pet Prevention month. As pet owners we’re responsible to help keep our pets safe.  

Every month we help pet owners just like you get their pet home safe and we’ve came up with some top tips that really help!


As we are a microchip database this one is at the top of our list. Often it’s one of the quickest ways a lost pet gets home. There’s a few important points to microchipping:

  • Ensure your pet is microchipped. If you’re not sure if your pet is microchipped or not your vet can scan and check for a microchip. 🙂
  • Ensure your details are up to date. We have added some steps for checking this at the end of the article.
  • Always keep your details up to date. (If you’re with MyPet we will email you every 6 months to check if your details need updated! 
It is a legal requirement in the UK to ensure your dog is microchipped and that your details are stored against the microchip on a Defra compliant microchip database.  It will be a legal requirement in 2023 or 2024 for cats too. 

Collar and tag

It is a legal requirement for dogs in the UK to wear a collar bearing the owners Name and address. Many people just add their phone numbers now but strictly speaking the law says name and address.

It is important that the collar fits around their neck without being too loose or too tight which keeps them comfortable and safe while ensuring the collar doesn’t slip off.

For cats we recommend a quick-release collar. They are designed to come undone if your cat ever finds themselves caught on something. You can see some of these collars on Amazon HERE

Secure your home and garden

One of things we hear a lot when helping a pet owner with a missing pet is that they escaped from the garden. 

Our estimates based on the cases we deal with show this accounts for over 65% of missing dogs.

A few things that can help:

  • Ensure their are no holes in fencing that your pet can fit through. 
  • Check their is no way your pet can get a helping hand over your fence or wall. 

For indoor cats, keeping windows and doors secured can help keep them safe.


Be Aware

When you are out and about with your Dog it’s important to be aware and to pay attention to your surroundings. Always keep your eye on your dog, especially if they’re enjoying some off lead time.

If you have a cat it’s important to be aware when you are around the house. If they are an indoor cat leaving the door open while you go to the car for a few minutes can mean they slip out past. 

If your cat is an outdoor cat its’ a good idea to have a sense of your cats routine. 

What to do if your pet is lost

If your pet is lost here is what to do:

  • Contact your microchip database and let them know your pet is missing. If your pet is registered with MyPet you can do that quickly and easily on our platform.
    • If your with MyPet we will let you know anytime your pet’s microchip is searched
  • Contact your council – Get in touch with your council to inform them your pet is missing. This means your local dog wardens will know in case they come across any stray animals.
  • Post on your local dog Facebook Groups. These can be very helpful in getting a lost pet home.
  • Search in places they know – We often find lost pets go to places they know, they might show up at an old address or at their favourite walking route.

Checking your pet's microchip is registered and up to date

We are highly recommend ensuring your pet is registered on only one Defra compliant database. There is no rule against being registered on multiple databases but this can be confusing to Vets, dog wardens and animal rescues. The Government are currently completing a review of the legalisation and we are hopeful they will help ensure microchips are only registered on one database.

Many sites may offer to help “Transfer your microchip.” If you do this ensure they any other database does remove your details as their isn’t currently an efficient change of database process. (We are hoping this also changes in the near future)

To check your pet’s microchip is registered and up to date follow these steps:

  1. Search your pets microchip HERE.
  2. We will tell you if your pet is registered on ANY Defra compliant microchip database in the UK. 
  3. If your pet is registered on a database contact that database to update your details.
  4. If your pet isn’t registered you can register with MyPet for just £2.99 for LIFE. This means you will never need to pay again to update your details. You can compare Defra compliant microchip databases in the UK HERE.

P.S. If you would like to transfer your pet’s microchip to use. Feel free to email us at support@mypethq.io and we can advise you on how best to do this.

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