We’re making MyVet available to microchip implanters

When we first started our microchip database we worked with some veterinary practices on software. My experience and Paul’s experience with microchip databases led us to talk to these veterinary practices about their experience, which wasn’t good. They had bad experiences across the board with different microchip databases. You can read more about Paul and I’s experiences HERE

For the first 2 years, we sold microchips exclusively to veterinary practices and part of this was adding a microchipping Service into MyVet.

We're making MyVet available to our implanter customers

Throughout 2023 we’ve expanded our implanter customer base for the same reason, they and their customers have received below-expectation service from existing microchip databases.

One thing we didn’t have was a great tool for implanters who microchip other people’s pets. We have a great rehoming tool for breeders.

This is why we’re making MyVet available for Implanters. This will give our implanter customers a great tool to easily register their customer’s microchips. 

I’d also add we’re currently working on designs for a brand new implanter tool which we will release in early 2025. We’ve already got a lot of exciting developments for 2024 lined up. 

What tools does MyVet have for implanters

Our Implanter customers can now use MyVet to:

Registering clients pet's

Your clients registering their own microchips

Text message registrations

Registration History

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