What’s important to microchip implanters?

We speak to lots of microchip implanters all the time and welcome new customers from our competitors each and every week. Our team is always curious as to why they want to find a new microchip supplier or why they have come to MyPet…  

These are the top reasons we are given: 

"My customers complain about having to pay to add their details to the microchip"

We hear this a lot. Most of the databases in the UK aim to collect a fee of between £15 and £30 when a microchip is first transferred to them. With this fee comes little more than the ability to update / change their address. Microchip implanters come to us because it’s 100% free to register, update or transfer MyPet microchips forever.

"I want to set my business apart from other microchip implanters"

Our microchip implanters can offer a premium service. This happens in a few different ways:

  • Veterinary teams prefer our microchips and our microchip database because it helps them build a better long term relationship with their customers.
  • Pet breeders want to give the pets they breed the best possible start and protection, ensuring the microchip registration is easy and straight forward for their customers.
  • Microchip implanters can charge more for their service because of the premium service MyPet microchips and the MyPet microchip database provides.


Here are some of the elements of the premium service we offer:

Here are some of the reviews we have received:

MyPet microchips by Trovan

MyPet is the exclusive supplier of Trovan microchips. We researched microchip suppliers globally and tried and tested many different microchips with some of our first customers before agreeing to be the exclusive distributor of Trovan microchips. (Trovan also took a lot of time investigating our database to ensure they wanted to partner with us!) Here are some of the reasons why Trovan microchips are the best in the market:

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P.S we recently wrote an article summarising the main microchip suppliers in the UK HERE.

Can we help you?

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