Where is the best place to register my pets microchip?

One of the things that people ask when they first get a new pet is – Where is the best place to register my pet’s microchip?

This is a great question and an important one when you’re being a responsible pet parent. 

There are a number of Defra-compliant databases in the UK. You can see a full list HERE. You can also see them listed on the Government website HERE.

Let's first check if your pet's microchip is registered

The first thing we want to do is check if your pet’s microchip is registered on any UK database. You can do that by searching HERE.

When you search on our site we will tell you if your pet’s microchip is registered on any Defra compliant database. If your pet’s microchip is registered we’ll direct you to their website where you can work with them to ensure your details are up to date.

What if my pet's microchip is unregistered?

If your pet’s microchip is unregistered you can register it HERE.

We would love you have you as part of the MyPet community!

My Pet is registered with another database, but I want to register with MyPet

Thanks so much for choosing us as your database of choice! Before we can register you on our database we need to get permission from your previous database. 

Follow the steps HERE to do that.

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