Who buys MyPet Microchips?

I battled with myself over 2 titles for this article. The first being “Who buys MyPet microchips?” the second being “What type of customers do we want?”

Here’s that answer:

People who care about the pets they microchip

Our customers care about the pets they microchip. They want to give them the best possible chance of getting home should they ever go missing.

  • MyPet microchips are the highest quality microchips globally. They are made in Germany in a fully automated process. This means far less chance of failure. 
  • It’s always 100% free to register, update and transfer MyPet microchips. A recent survey we ran showed this means a pet is 55% more likely to have up to date details. This massively increases their chances of getting home should they go missing.
  • This also means that pet owners don’t have to pay another charge just to update their details.  

People who want to offer their customers a premium service

We hear this complaint all the time from pet owners who switch to MyPet:

  • I’ve paid to get my pet microchipped and now I have to pay just to update my details. 

Rather than buying microchips made cheaply in Asia or (getting them for free) people who buy our microchips want to offer their customers a premium service with quality microchips supported by a quality microchip database. 

  • The MyPet Microchip database is built in-house by our expert team using the latest cloud-based technology. 
    • We use the latest security and privacy protection to ensure our customer’s details are safe and secure. 
  • UK based support team
    • 95% of pet owner support tickets are answered within 48 hours. 

People who want to make it easy for their customers

Did you know the average time on our database is under 3 minutes? This includes pet owners registering and updating their details. When you use MyPet microchips you’re making it WAY easier for your customers. 

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