Why are independent veterinary practices choosing MyPet for their animal microchips?

We’ve been very excited to recently welcome quite a few new independent Veterinary practices to MyPet microchips. (Thanks for joining us if you’re reading this.)

As we welcomed them onboard I was keen to learn what made them switch to MyPet and I wanted to share some of what I heard. 

A lost pet

In chatting with one practice manager it was their experience of dealing with us on a missing pet. The pet had been handed in to the practice as soon as they opened. He (Let’s call him Bruno) had been found straying in a housing development and the person who collected them didn’t recognise Bruno from the area.

After searching the microchip on the Petlog website they were directed to us and they give us a call. 

We were then able to give the veterinary practice the owner details and we found it strange as there was quite a distance between the registered keeper and the place where Bruno was found. As always we advised the practice to call us back if they couldn’t get the person and we would call them every 30 minutes. 

We heard back from the practice 10 minutes later, the person wasn’t answering their phone. 

We called the pet owner a few times over the next 2 hours getting an answer on our 3rd attempt. They had left their phone in the car while looking for Bruno. 

They had just moved house and Bruno had got out as they were moving stuff in. They were panicking and had left their phone in the car while looking for Bruno!

We were able to help connect the Vet with the pet owner and Bruno is now safe and well in his new home!

We got a call from the Vet practice the next day asking for some more information on our services and a month later we welcomed them as a customer! 

Pet owner recommendation

A pet owner around a year ago consolidated all of their pets onto our database. They were in the process of moving house and wanted to save a large fee as they had 8 pets in total registered across 3 different databases. It would have cost over £100 to update all of their addresses. 

In December last year they welcomed a new pet to the party and went to their local vet to have a microchip implanted. While there she enquired as to the microchip brand and asked if was it possible to use one of our microchips if we shipped it to the veterinary practice. The pet owner contacted us and we were happy to do this, shipping just one microchip to the Vet Practice. 

The Vet who is also one of the owners of the practice loved the our single use mini microchip (pictured below) and asked the pet owner a little about us! A few days later I had an email in my inbox from him! 

MyPet by Trovan single use microchip

Our customer service to a member of their team

One of our new customers team members rescued a new dog, this dog happened to have a MyPet Microchip. She got in touch with us via our website about registering the microchip, we responded around an hour later with our new keeper process. A few days later the pet was moved to her account and she was able to confirm all her details. 

She thought the whole process was extremely smooth and left us a lovely review! (She was also surprised that it was free!) However, that wasn’t the end. 

She also mentioned this to her boss. She was a veterinary nurse and worked for a local veterinary practice. She got in touch, and requested some samples. After registering the microchips through our MyVet platform they were convinced!

Here is our new keeper process, this allows a new owner to request a transfer!

After writing this article, I was taking a look through support tickets, we have a system for flagging interesting enquiries and this one stood out. In the conversation that happened here it turned out the pet owner had done a lot of research on microchips and microchip databases and decided they wanted a MyPet by Trovan Microchip and to register on the MyPet Microchip database. We shipped a single microchip to the vet practice for this customer.

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