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Why buy MyPet Microchips?

Conor McManus

Conor McManus

We talk to lots of vets every week and one of the questions we are answering for them is – Why should I buy MyPet microchips? When we’re asked this question we try answer a slightly different one. – How can MyPet help your Veterinary clinic and your customers?

So how can we help your veterinary clinic?

We can help your veterinary clinic in a quite a few ways.

Our Microchips

  1. Our microchips are made to the highest standards in Europe.
  2. Our microchips comply with all the UK standards. They are FDX- B & ISO11784 / ISO11785. 
  3. They are super easy to use. You and your vets will love them!
  4. Sharp double beval needle.
  5. Available in 2 sizes.
  6. Single use syringe.

Our software

We’ve built software to help make your job and your team’s job as easy as possible.

We’re a technology company and build everything in house to ensure you have a great experience from start to finish.

We give you multiple options on how to register microchips. 

Register microchips for your clients

Empower your clients to register their own microchips

Our unique MyVet platform gives your team a super easy way to manage microchip registrations. 

The best thing about it. We work with our customers to release new and useful features monthly.

We give you the option to let pet owners register their own microchips. 

Check out our video on how this works. It’s seamless and straight forward. Check out our reviews on trust pilot!

Our Service

We know how busy you and your team are! You have an ever growing list of things to do.

We offer the best possible service to off load just a little bit of your workload. Here’s how we help:

Multiple ways to contact us
  • State of the art ticketing system with an under 1 hour response time for veterinary clinics.
  • Live chat on our website and our platform MyVet.
  • Single point of contact should you have anything you want to discuss. 
Amazing pet owner service

We ensure amazing service every step of the way for pet owners. In doing this we reduce the number of issues your customers bring to you. If your customer does come to you for help, we’re happy to contact the pet owner directly for you, to help solve their issue. 


Our pricing is super competitive. 80% of our customers save money by using our microchips. If you’d like a price, please just get in touch with us!

The MyPet microchipping solution is brilliant. It’s much easier to register a pet’s microchip details and much easier for pet owners to access their microchip account. The MyPet team provide a really high level of service.
Voy Veterinary Clinic

How we can help your customers

Your customers will have a huge amount of benefits when they register with us.

  • Super easy to use platform.
  • Customers can update their details as often as they need to for NO ADDED CHARGE.
  • We remind customers every 6 months to check their details are still up to date.
  • Range of LostMyPet features such as a notification if your pet’s microchip is ever searched. 
  • Our service to pet owners is our top priority. We have a full help centre and live chat to ensure they get the help they need, when they need it.
  • 24/7 LostMyPet phone line.

Want to talk with us?

If you’d like to chat with us, feel free to pop your details in HERE or call us: 02896223001.

Would you like some sample microchips? Fill out this THIS form and we will be in touch.

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