Working From Home With Your Pet? – The Survival Guide

People all over the world in the last few weeks have started working from home. Or in email talk WFH! A lot of people thought that this would be the dream, waking up later, working in PJ’s and maybe a sneaky episode on Netflix at lunchtime.
Unfortunately it’s just not that simple. It comes with a whole lot of obstacles like set up, bet you’re missing that extra screen? Remote log on? Any of these ringing a bell? For pet owners it can add a whole other level of distraction.
Just like you, your pet will have a routine. They will be a little confused (and I am sure very happy) that you’re still in the house at 9.30am. They will more than likely be used to getting attention off you while you’re in the house, so you’ll need to keep them occupied.
We have put together below a bit of a survival guide to help you get through. First off thought here is a picture of our team member Rollie doing his WFH pose:


You may have read our article HERE which includes a bit on “Smart” toys. (If you haven’t it’s absolutely worth a read!) Of course outside of these pettech toys there’s a whole range of reasonably priced conventional toys! For a dog our top recommendations are:

K9 Pursuits

I love these Dog games, as they are extremely robust and Rollie and Cody absolutely love them too. They have a whole range of difficulties across their range! You can check them out on Amazon HERE.

Kong toys

Kong have a range of toys which helps mentally stimulate our dogs! My boys love THIS one. It allows you to fill it full of their favourite mix of foods and treats such as peanut butter etc and lets them put in the work to get the food out. It keeps them occupied for quite a while.

Snuffle mat

This is a really fun one, in short it’s a really odd looking mat, that you hide treats in! It helps engage your dog’s brain and nose to work a lot harder in looking for treats! It tires my guys out, they always like a nap after! It’s machine washable as well, so don’t worry too much about the drool. You can get it on Amazon HERE.
For cats (who are usually more content and don’t annoy you just as much) we have a few suggestions:

Pecute cat roller

For our cats out there who love a game, this layered ball game allows your pet to roll balls (one of which is a catnip ball and one flashes) around it providing hours of entertainment. Now I should mention I  don’t actually have a cat, but it comes highly recommended! It also comes with a mouse teaser for play with you! You can see it HERE.

Activity centre

An activity centre for your cat will keep them entertained for hours. It is exactly what it says on the tin, basically a play park for your cat. It’s worth having a look for one that would fit in whatever area you have for it, but you can see an example HERE.

Planned playtime

I don’t know about you, but this working from home business can be pretty stressful at times. Did you know spending time with your pet can be calming and help reduce stress and anxiety.? (I know a lot of people are feeling a lot more anxious about things right now). So plan in times during the day where you will play with your pet for a while!

Go for a walk

There is nothing better than a good walk at lunch time, and it’ll be even better if your take your pet. (Okay, more aimed towards dogs but I do know some cat owners who walk their cat.) So get out at lunch for a quick walk!

Treats (A warning)

This one is a bit of a warning, be careful with the treats! When you’re with your pets a lot more during the day, you will tend to give them a few more treats! Your cat or dog could end up over eating because your at home!


It’s best to stick to your routine. It can be tempting to take an extra 30 minutes in bed, instead of walking. Getting out for a walk before work will mean your pet is tired and will most likely doze away most of the morning. Not to mention the morning walk is great for you too! Although keep your day flexible. Remember if you were in work you’d waste 10 minutes chatting to someone from up the hall. You can waste that 10 minutes playing with your pet. It’ll be absolutely worth it. No better way to waste 10 minutes!

There is an amazing new instagram account documenting all of our dogs working from home. Check it out @dogsworkingfromhome.



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